Birthday Party Time!

Schedule your BIRTHDAY Party at MEBSGAMES! Only $95.00 Includes: Pizza/Soft drinks/Tables/Plates & Napkins/Special Birthday Gift for the birthday recipient :) 7 days Avail CALL NOW!

 Schedule your BIRTHDAY Party adventure at MEBSGAMES!

Only $95.00 Includes:

Pizza/Soft drinks/Tables/Plates & Napkins/SpecialBirthday Gift for the birthday recipient :)

Available Days include 7 Days a week for evening 4pm-7pm or Weekend Hours to fit YOUR schedule!

Simply call (716) 901-7660 for availablity or email us at emarki@juno.com

     As a New York State Certified Elementary Teacher with a Master's Degree in Childhood and Adolescent behavior and development I am proud to serve my home Village of Lancaster as both a Board Trustee and NOW a local business owner!

     My vision is to give our youth a safe, fun and local environment to be with friends and PLAY-BUY-SELL-TRADE-both NEW and USED VideoGames from ALL the newest to the oldest game systems!


At MEBSGAMES your son and daughter can Play in our PlayCenter any game in the store on any system of their choice! They will be under Adult supervision at all times and will be able to share fun with their friends while enjoying snacks, drinks and pizza!


We plan on offering special Tournaments for Madden Football - NHL Hockey - FIFA Soccer - Call of Duty - Nintendo Events and many others!


PlayCenter charges are only $1.00 for an HOUR or $5.00 for the DAY! In order to play Mature games such as the military games, each youth must have a signed note from parents allowing them to play games beyond their age level.


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